Scholarship Program

Scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,200 are given each year to students enrolled in community or technical college, along with undergraduate and graduate programs. Students are eligible for consideration for up to two years for a community or technical college program, up to four years of undergraduate work at a university (including two years in a community or technical college), and up to two years of graduate work.

Application Instructions & Application Form

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NSJ Application Form2017_2.pdf
Application Form
Application Instructions


  1. School Affiliation: The applicant must be currently enrolled in or accepted into a program at a Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) institution.
  2. Union Affiliation: The applicant must be a union member or the child, grandchild or spouse of a union member.
  3. Ethnicity: The applicant must be a racial/ethnic group member. "Racial/ethnic group member" is defined by the MnSCU Diversity and Multiculturalism Office (and for this scholarship) to include Black/African American, Chicano/a or Latino/a, Asian/Pacific Islander, and American Indian/Native American/Alaskan Native.
  4. Academic Standards: The applicant must meet academic and admission standards of the institution he/she is attending. Applicants must have at least a 2.0 grade point average for undergraduate students and 3.0 grade point average for graduate students to be eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  5. Credits Required:  Full time status for undergraduate students is twelve (12) credits or more and graduate students is six (6) credits or more.  Part-time status for undergraduate students is 6-11 credits.
  6. Awards: Full-time scholarship recipients will be awarded $1,200 and Part-time scholarship recipients will be awarded $500.

In order to find additional details requiring the scholarship's requirements, please view Article Eight of the Program's Articles of Operation.